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Imagine a productivity booster for your warehouse. A machine that moves quickly, ensuring manoeuvrability even in tight spaces, lifts to a great height, and above all, is economical and flexible enough to be operated by anyone. The Godrej Electric Stacker offers it all - an efficient substitute to forklifts during these challenging times, well suited for all transportation requirements in your warehouses. It moves more loads efficiently with a full-function control handle with thoughtfully placed switches allowing the operator to intuitively manage all functions. Heavily reinforced fork tips and carbon steel chassis make it the ideal choice for rigorous use, even with heavy loads. The AC control system with the rugged drive train allows fast acceleration and quick direction change while protecting the gearbox. The fail-safe braking system, anti-pinning button etc ensure operator safety at every step of the operation.

Godrej UNO Electric Stacker 1.5 tonne

Godrej UNO Electric Stacker 1.5T.jpg

Capacity: 1.5 tonne  Power: Electric  Max Fork height: 4.0m   

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